7 Reasons Why You Have to Buy a Misting Fan

March 6th, 2014

Misting fans are often overlooked by buyers of cooling appliances. You cannot blame them because a misting fan does not look much different from an ordinary electric fan that does get the job done impressively.

This kind of appliance, however, has a lot of benefits and advantages. Seven of them are below.

1. Affordable but efficient

misting fansCompared to other cooling appliances, misting fans are more practical and economical without sacrificing efficiency and functionality. It is very reliable in cooling the air despite not having the features and technology of air conditioners and cool mist humidifiers. If you are on a tight budget but does not want to settle for less-efficient appliances like an ordinary electric fan, this is absolutely the best choice for you.

2. Easy to use

Cool mist humidifier and air conditioner have a lot of settings that you need to understand to maximize their functions. On the other hand, a misting fan is as simple as an ordinary electric fan albeit with a few tweaks in its components.

You just have to refill the tank with water, turn it on and let it cool down the air. No thermostats involved. No temperature reading, just plain cooling power.

3. Easy to clean and maintain

Misting fans are absolutely low-maintenance. Anybody can clean it within a few minutes. This is very different from air conditioners that require technical knowledge and sometimes, professional servicing. Cool mist humidifier can also be very complicated when it comes to cleaning because its function involves a lot of processes that have corresponding components, from the air filter, vent, cooling coil and water tank.

4. Promotes good health

A misting fan is an electric fan and vaporizer in one. This will help households with family members who are prone to allergies, asthma, respiratory diseases and skin diseases during dry months. The moisture it creates will prevent itchiness, skin and eye irritation and difficulty in breathing.

You can hit two birds with one stone if you only have to increase the humidity level in the house for your family. Instead of buying a separate medicinal vaporizer, this will somehow work almost the same.

5. Cleans the air

A brand of industrial misting fans markets its products for commercial facilities because of their ability to help clean the air. True as claimed, a misting fan can help clean the air by taking down dust and dirt in the air. You can notice the difference after checking your ventilation and air filters.

6. Usable outside

It is rare for a cooling appliance to become usable outside the house. Certain companies of misting fans, however, specifically manufacture outdoor types for event venues, halls, poolside and lanai. Your family will be really happy if you can install this in your backyard to make them more comfortable when playing or passing the time outside.

7. Energy-saver

In an average household, the electric consumptions of heating and air conditioning units make up the biggest portion of the electric bill. Why not cut it down by using a misting fan instead of keeping the air con on for the whole day?

Author Bio

Our unique misting fans, are each equipped with patented misting nozzles that produce a mist so fine that it evaporates just after leaving the nozzle, cooling the surrounding air.

A Deeper Look into the Realm of Live Chat for Websites

August 28th, 2013

Technology is nothing but amazing because it can make business transactions fast and much simpler. If you are a business owner, then you will surely appreciate the things that live chat for websites can do. The traditional business scenario is that the business owner meets the client and explains things to that client followed by several or one more meeting before sealing the deal. Most businesses lose clients that way because the one that best explains everything that the client needs to know regarding the product can’t be at two places at the same time. The client who felt neglected would eventually take his or her business elsewhere – an all-too-frequent occurrence back in the days before live chat.

Welcome to the World of Live Chat

live chatPeople are busier than ever and most make their transactions online. The business owner and the client don’t need to be physically present to close the deal; closing everything online is a worldwide practice nowadays. Clients prefer live chat over emails and phone calls because it is more accessible and fast.

Customers are more impatient and they want someone to attend to them right away. If a particular business site failed to do that, then they don’t stick around and immediately go to the next site that can give them the attention they deserve. Such a scenario won’t happen if you have live chat on your website manned by someone efficient, knowledgeable, and cordial.

Representatives or operators should be quick enough to respond to questions so that clients won’t feel like they are losing precious time because the staff lacks the needed knowledge. Clients who are usually in a hurry are the ones who are serious in making a purchase and they need to get the answers regarding their queries right away.

Live chat for websites aims to provide the best customer service quality by ensuring that clients will surely feel that there is really someone by their side who is ready to help them at any rate. If there are any problems regarding the product, the live chat operator does everything in his or her capacity to find the solution to the problem or find the correct person that can solve the dilemma at hand in an instant.

Installing a live chat facility in your website is not as expensive as you think and some even come with free trials. However, you need to make sure that the individual who will man the live chat is qualified to answer the queries right away because that is the main purpose of live chat and visitors expect that.

Any way you look at it, live chat for websites can help a lot. With proper manning, you can gain an edge over your competitors.

5 SEO Services That You Should Avoid

August 2nd, 2013

Different SEO services by SEO companies are proven to improve search engine results page (SERP) ranking. The level of accuracy and execution of a service provider can even clinch besting out the competition, finally placing a client on the very top of the list. The bottom line is, SEO services are worthy investments for businesses and individuals who want to dominate online presence – most of the time, anyway.

SEO-ServicesWhat many so-called experts do not tell you is that some widely used SEO services are likely to fail. These are services that should be avoided at all costs, because aside from giving no benefit at all, they can also harm reputation, which Google and other search engines give high importance to.

The list below contains five notorious SEO services that you should never avail of.

1. Link reciprocation

Different companies call it in different ways, but the method is all the same. In this service, malicious link building methods are applied to generate return links from more searchable websites and webpages that do not have direct relation to your own content nature and business.

2. Automated commenting

One fruitful way of expanding your network and establishing backlinks is by leaving comments on heavily visited blogs, forums and social media accounts. However, flooding these sites with comments with your link on is detected by Google as spam. All the same, using automated software won’t help because many blogging platforms and search engines either accept member-generated comments or keyword-related comments with minimal word count (comments that only contain related words).

Just an update: many blogging sites now apply “nofollow” HTML to their commenting sections, making them irrelevant to search engines.

3. Article spinning

Using article spins sparingly can help you build content, but regularly using them will have you detected and flagged by search engines. Google just recently improved its bots to detect not just duplicate contents but article spins as well.

4. .ORG and .EDU backlinking

Some SEO companies do this by using forum loophole-detecting software that can automatically generate your own profile on .ORG and .EDU forum sites. This profile contains backlinks that can be flagged by search engines as malicious.

5. Social media spamming

This only works (but still not truly effective) for websites that promote sexual contents or seemingly easy income generation opportunity—two head-turning contents that arouse curiosity. However, for more decent contents, this won’t and shouldn’t be utilized as any links associated with spams, malwares and pop-ups often receive negative reception. The website that receives the link can also be penalized by search engines.

This is done by automatically posting and sending links and contents to Facebook walls and message inboxes and Twitter. Have you ever received a nonsense link on your inbox or had an unsolicited post on your wall? Most probably, you have been victimized by this unquestionable practice from bogus SEO companies.

Essential SEO Services Offered to a Site

July 27th, 2013

seo1The internet is awash with different websites providing different information and services on a daily basis.  The owners of these numerous websites who are mostly business people understand perfectly well that they are not the only ones offering goods and services.
Therefore, unless they do something to stand out, then chances of getting visitors to their site are almost impossible.   This is where SEO services come in as their sole purpose is to provide services that will increase visitors to a particular website apart from making it professionally unique as compared to other sites.

A good firm is one that understands provision of essential SEO services involving writing quality and accurate content that is well researched, not too long, factual, and of benefit to the reader.   Keywords that make it easier for a user to reach a particular website will be greatly emphasized as keyword use is the guiding factor when a web user is searching.  Keywords are also intertwined with a topic that is being searched for so it is essential that both are inter related and blend well with one another.

Essential SEO services provided by a firm should involve spotting of high traffic related sites.  A firm with good expertise should be able to create site partners with other websites for purposes of cross linking.   A good firm should also be able to understand how the search engine operates.  The title given to the content provided should be able to help the robots that identify and classify content appropriately operate.  Content and titles should be set in such a way that these robots understand what is most important about the content on the page and classify it appropriately.  The content and titles should make sense, be catchy and be easily understood at all times.  Cleverly paraphrasing and rewriting of an article can also increase chances of an article appearing in different searches for the similar information.

The secret that most firms offering essential SEO services have mastered has to do with the title.  Apart from it being catchy, it should not be too long or too short.  Search engines seem to be limited to a few characters of a title, and anything very long will lead them to skip and move on to the next title.  The content should also not have key words repeated over and over. Word variations should be used as much as possible. Also a lot of punctuation
should be made of and always remember to use initial caps on all the words of the title.  At the end of the day, creativity is what plays out and the more creative you are, the more unique you stand out from the rest of your competitors.